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As one of the Johns Creek area’s most successful private Tutors since 2008, I have helped guide many of my students towards success.
With years of professional experience, I specialize in individual and customized lessons. Get in touch today and allow me to help you succeed.

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Promising Personalized Guidance Every Step of the Way



Students can come in with any math subject they are having difficulty with. ​

My center provides

  • Step-by-step explanations of the concepts and practice worksheets, with a quiet study environment suited for focus.

  • Individual summary notes for each concept and carefully organized practice worksheets.

  • Continued after-class help with questions and homework problems answered through text messaging.


  • Grade 4 - Grade 12

  • All Math Levels

  • Algebra 1 and 2

  • Geometry

  • Pre-Calculus

  • AP Calculus AB/BC

  • AP Statistics

  • Georgia Tech Math 

  • Chemistry

  • Physics

  • SAT Math

  • ACT Math and Science

  • Competition Math 

Teacher & Student

Please get in touch and together we can achieve better results.



Promising Personalized Guidance Every Step of the Way


  • 8 Weeks Program

    • May 31 - July 31 ( July 4th break: July 1 - July 5)

    • Grade 4 to Grade 12

    • 8 to 24 classes during the 8 weeks period

    • Each class is 2.5 hours long

  • Class Time Schedule

    • Monday/Wednesday/Friday

      • 12:30PM-6:30PM

    • Tuesday/Saturday​

      • 9:30AM-12:30PM

  • Customized Individual Class​es

    • All summer classes are taught by Dr. Ahn

    • Customized math workbook will be prepared and provided

    • Class days/times can be selected based on the summer schedule of each student

  • Subjects Covered​

    • Grade 4 to grade 12 math

    • Elementary arithmetic operations and word problems

    • Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 and advanced Algebra (Algebra2)

    • Geometry, (AP) Precalculus, AP Calculus AB/BC

    • AP Statistics, AP Physics, Honor Chemistry

    • SAT Math, ACT Math and Science

    • Math Competitions (Math Olympiads. Mathcounts, AMC) 


5/31 - 7/31             10 Classes  (25 Hours) 


5/31 - 7/31             12 Classes  (30 Hours) 


5/31 - 7/31             16 Classes  (40 Hours) 


5/31 - 7/31             24 Classes  (60 Hours)  


5/31 - 7/31             8 Classes    (20 Hours)
                                 (Grade 4/5/6 only)   


  • Dr. Ahn’s center has been working on YouTube videos and practice workbooks to explain concepts in more detailed and standardized manner, while also adapting to the changing educational environment caused by the COVID-19 situation

  • These teaching videos and workbook package materials have been made for all subjects: Algebra 1 (43 Videos), Algebra 2 (32 Videos), Geometry (21 Videos), Pre-Calculus (37 Videos), AP Calculus AB/BC (45 Videos) as listed below

  • In addition, there are 20 videos that have been made solving the SAT Math practice problems officially released by College Board

  • YouTube videos provide detailed and easy-to-understand descriptions of key concepts and specific example problems on all topics that Dr. Ahn has personally organized and prepared

  • The workbook packages provide a series of practice problems the students should follow along with the YouTube videos. There are also Unit Tests that conclude each package that ensures the students understand the key concepts and can solve the related problems properly

  • Private YouTube video links and workbook packages are provided to all enrolled students to help them understand the concepts in more depth and practice the problems at home

Please get in touch and together we can achieve better results.

" Dr. Ahn is the best math tutor I’ve ever had. He is more than willing to help on any questions regarding to math that you may have. I spent 2 school years working on my math with Dr. Ahn, and my math averages and overall knowledge of the subject have improved tremendously. I am now confident in my abilities and feel ready to take on math in college next year. Dr. Ahn is kind, patient and has natural talent of working with students. He’s the kind of tutor everybody needs!"

Grace Halaszynski

" I would definitely recommend Dr. Ahn's learning center for anyone who is looking for help in math. He values the understanding of fundamental concepts over sheer repetition, which is a much more efficient and effective way of learning math. Although the academy is based on a classroom setting, it feels more like a 1-on-1 tutoring session and is a very comfortable environment to ask questions or request guidance. Dr. Ahn cares personally for each student and is very flexible in crafting different lesson plans based on each student's needs. I have excelled in standardized testing, including the ACT and the SAT Subject Test, and have gained a deeper insight into math during my time here. As long as the student is focused and driven, Dr. Ahn will ensure that the student improves during their time at this center."

Joey Jin

" I am currently a junior at Yale University, and so it's been a while since I've had the pleasure to learn from Dr. Ahn, but I can confidently say that to this day, Dr. Ahn has been one of the absolute best teachers I have ever known. His teaching style is marked by a refusal to teach rote memorization and is instead marked by a passion to teach the fundamentals and to then use those fundamentals to think critically and solve any problem. And Dr. Ahn possesses what I think may perhaps be the most important quality a teacher can possess--patience and a willingness (and ability!) to meet you where you are. I remember I started prepping for the AMC math competition quite late, yet Dr. Ahn was able to help elevate me to a competitive level in an incredibly short amount of time. If you are even remotely considering a math teacher to help you with preparing for math competitions, catching up with classes, or anything in between, I highly encourage you to give Dr. Ahn a shot--you will not regret it."

Nicholas Chang

" It's been about a year or 2 since I started going to Dr. Ahn and when it comes to math, he's a genius. He knows what to do and how to do it. He teaches faster methods than the methods the teachers teach at school, and when you have a question, he's there. He's a warm person and he genuinely cares about how you are doing in math. If you're looking for a math tutor, then this is the one."

Benjamin Jin

" Genius. He knows math perfectly and the techniques he teaches go beyond school to a level where people truly understand the concepts. He teaches whatever you need well, fast and gives a good amount of practice problems. His teaching style catalyzes a spirit and drive for finding out more about the subject and he shows students the “why” behind everything. I now feel like a genuinely understand math."

Vedu Mallela

" I came to Dr. Ahn for help when I was struggling to keep up with the fast pace of my AP calculus BC course. Dr. Ahn truly helped me understand the material and knew how to efficiently teach me so I could be able to solve the problems I needed to solve in a short period of time. He had answers to all of my questions, and all in all, he is a great teacher that actually cares for his students. If you’re in search for a great math tutor in the area that will not only give you results but is also invested in you, Dr. Ahn won’t disappoint."

Joshua Kim

" Dr. Ahn is truly the best math tutor because he genuinely cares about each of his students and will always be encouraging no matter how much you are struggling with a concept. No matter how many questions I had about a specific concept, he was always willingly to carefully explain every step of the problem. Dr. Ahn can help with science, subject tests, AP classes, SAT, and ACT, and he will help you master all of the concepts through repetition and with practice problems of increasing difficulty. He carefully plans a course of lessons for each student individually and helps students build a strong foundation for math. During my time here, my test scores improved tremendously and my knowledge in math has grown significantly."

E. E.


7775 McGinnis Ferry Road, Johns Creek 30024, Unit 203

(678) 779-9791

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